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Cal Poly Dressage Team

The Cal Poly Dressage Team is a member of the Intercollegiate Dressage Association and has won the regional championship for the last eight years. In 2010, the team sent four riders to the national competition in Laurinburg, North Carolina, where the team placed in eighth. At competitions, the host school provides horses, which are then assigned to competitors by drawing. Riders are given ten minutes to warm up their horses before entering the ring and competing. The dressage team is a student-run organization, where the students coach each other and raise their own money. The team is open to students of all riding levels.

For more information, contact the adviser Lou Moore-Jacobson at

Cal Poly Equestrian Team

The Cal Poly Equestrian Team provides students with a unique opportunity to develop strong teamwork, sportsmanship and horsemanship skills. The team is part of the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association in which member colleges host shows and provide horses. Competitors do not ride their own horses, use their own tack or warm up on the horses prior to entering the arena.

The Cal Poly team relies solely on its members to schedule practices, clinics and travel to shows. Members pride themselves in being able to compete with the best schools in their competition zone including College of the Sequoias, Stanford, UC Davis, UC Santa Cruz, Sonoma State, Santa Clara University and the University of Nevada, Reno.

For more information, contact the adviser Lou Moore-Jacobson at

Cal Poly Eventing Team

Cal Poly Eventing Team was established in 2018. The Intercollegiate Eventing Program was created by the United States Eventing Association (USEA) in 2014. This program enables universities and colleges to establish eventing teams and provides the framework for these teams to compete in intercollegiate challenges at individual competitions. Schools compete against each other at Intercollegiate Team Challenges, which take place at USEA recognized horse trials. Members of the team compete as individuals and their scores are combined into a team score which is matched against other schools’ scores.

For more information, contact the adviser Lou Moore-Jacobson at

One Health Club 

The One Health Club serves to connect students across disciplines who are interested in exploring health connections between humans, animals, and our shared environment. The integrative One Health concept recognizes that diverse viewpoints enrich our community and are critical to solving complex planetary health issues. We provide a platform to facilitate learning and collaboration between students, faculty, and professionals working in comparative medicine, ecosystem health, disease ecology, public health, environmental justice, social sciences, wildlife conservation, and so much more. We plan local events and share career path resources within the expansive realm of One Health.

Email and follow us on Facebook (Cal Poly One Health Club) and Instagram (@cponehealthclub). Advisor: Dr. Heather Harris (

Cal Poly Polo Team

Polo first arrived on the Cal Poly campus in 1977. Since then, the team has experienced tremendous success. Click here to learn more

Poly Range and Wildlands Club

The Poly Range & Wildlands club (PR&W) offers Cal Poly students access into the ecology, management practices, conservation work, and recreational opportunities associated with rangeland ecosystems. This organization strives to generate interest in both the culture and profession of this field, primarily through networking, professional development, and interactive training events. PR&W works closely with the greater range and wildlands community, and contributes to it by participating in societal conferences and student-led research projects, giving members invaluable career experience. Promoting the enjoyment of range ecosystems is also a core value of this organization; we regularly host hikes, interactive educational trips, and social events in the great outdoors. Click here for more information.

Please contact the officer team at if you are interested in the organization. For more information you can also contact the advisor Dr. Marc Horney.

Cal Poly Reined Cow Horse Team

The Cal Poly Reined Cow Horse Team is comprised of students of all skill levels, who are passionate about the reined cow horse industry. It promotes learning and provides an entity that fosters competition against other reined cow horse collegiate teams throughout the year on their privately owned horses. The reined cow horse team is its own unique club, separate from that of the Cal Poly Equestrian Team.

For more information, contact the adviser Lou Moore-Jacobson at

Poultry Club

The Poultry Club works to promote poultry management through interactive participation with alumni and industry. The club provides students the opportunity to learn more about the poultry industry while meeting other students with shared interests. The club participates in community outreach through its booths at both Open House held each spring and Farm City Nights held each fall at Farmers' Market. The club also invites numerous guest speakers from the poultry industry to speak at club meetings. In addition to these activities, the club has an annual Turkey Banquet and holds numerous barbecues for club members.

For more information, contact the advisor Dr. Darin Bennett.

Veterinary Science Club

The Veterinary Science Club is a society for all student, faculty and staff interested in the broad field of veterinary medicine and allied professions. The club organizes visits to various veterinary schools each year as well as tours at local veterinary clinics. The club also presents hands-on laboratories and invites guest speakers from the industry. In the past, the club has toured the San Diego Wild Animal Park and its 20,000 sq. ft. hospital. In addition, the club cultivates an environment where older students mentor the younger students.

For more information, contact the advisor Dr. Kim Sprayberry.

Young Cattleman's Club

Cal Poly is home to the Southern Region of California Young Cattlemen. The Young Cattlemen's Association is an affiliate of California Cattlemen's Association, the beef industry trade association. Young Cattlemen's allows students to get involved with the California beef industry and gain an understanding of the issues that face the industry. Club members hold barbecues, go on ranch tours, attend monthly San Luis Obispo County Cattlemen's meetings, attend the annual California Cattlemen's Association Convention and Mid-Year Meeting, and help with activities at the California State Fair. The club also helps to send students to the annual National Cattlemen's Beef Association Convention. In addition to these activities, club members are eligible for a number of statewide scholarships.

For more information, contact the adviser Dr. Zach McFarlane or email

Zoo & Exotic Animal Careers Club

Zoo and Exotic Animal Careers (ZEAC) is a club for students interested in exotic animal care. Whether it is zoo keeping, wildlife rehabilitation, or exotic animal education, ZEAC caters to all interests. By offering speaker meetings, volunteer opportunities, and internships, ZEAC helps its members gain the exotic animal experience they need to start their career after college. ZEAC hopes to expose its members to the many diverse careers available involving exotic animals.

For more information, please e-mail or attend a meeting on Thursdays from 11am-12pm in room 10-111.

Contact the adviser Dr. Mark Edwards for information regarding the next ZEAC meeting.


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