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Academic Advising is designed to help students reach their educational and career goals; it is a shared task between an advisor and a student. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the student to make decisions about their goals, and academic advisors can assist in this process by helping the student understand options, determine resources and, when necessary, identify alternatives.

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Four-Year Flow Chart

Cal Poly offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities for students. Often students choose to study for five years to get the most out of the opportunities available; however, it is very possible to graduate in four years. Students should develop a four-year plan with their adviser and check with their adviser each quarter to make sure that they are on track for graduation.

Please visit the College of Agriculture Catalog for more information by clicking on the link below. Also listed are links to specific parts of the Cal Poly Catalog related to the Animal Science (ASCI) Department.

Current Flow Charts and Curriculum Sheets

Career Elective Areas

The curriculum for a bachelor's degree in Animal Science allows students to custom design their studies which will prepare them for the career of their choice. Students also have the option of completing a minor offered by another department in place of a CEA. In the past, Animal Science students have selected a number of minors. Students choose from nine different Career Elective Areas (CEA) to complete their curriculum. This flexibility allows Animal Science students to get the most out of their education at Cal Poly. Incoming freshman should discuss their choice with their adviser during their second year at Cal Poly, while transfer students should discuss their selection with their adviser during their first or second quarter at Cal Poly.

Students can select one of the following CEA or create their own with advisor approval.

Career Elective Areas (links to the Cal Poly Registrar)

Minor Requirements

The minor requirements are listed on the Cal Poly Registrar's website.

Equine Science Minor

Poultry Management Minor

Meat Science and Processing Minor

Rangeland Resources Minor


Senior Project

The senior project is a required capstone course for all Cal Poly students. Students develop project ideas while consulting faculty advisers, and these ideas should generally reflect students’ interests in a particular animal-based discipline or species. Senior projects can be a research project, an in-depth literature review, an advanced enterprise management experience, or a preplanned educational internship. Whatever the type of project, students are encouraged to choose project topics that are challenging, incorporate knowledge and skills learned in the past courses, provide opportunity for independent thought, and can be accomplished with the provided facilities, animals, equipment, materials and time.

For more information, contact the Animal Science Office at or (805) 756-2419.

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