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Animal Science Course Descriptions

Enterprise Classes:

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What is an enterprise class?

Enterprise courses allow students to apply what they have learned in class to real-world situations. These courses provide the environment for students to get outside the classroom and work with the animals in teams of students. Students can choose from over twenty enterprise classes ranging from breeding and foaling horses to developing and manufacturing meat products like beef jerky and sausage. By participating in the enterprises classes, students learn animal-handling skills and production practices while developing transferable skills in communication, team building and conflict management. Upon graduation, students enter the job market not only with a comprehensive knowledge of animal science, but also the confidence and experience needed to prepare for a successful career.

Students can find the current enterprise list in the Animal Science office (building 10, room 141) and permission numbers for enrollment will be given out in the first or second week of classes. Information about enterprises available to freshmen and transfer students is provided in ASCI 101: Introduction to the Animal Sciences. 

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