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An excellent way for students to gain experience is to participate in an internship in their field of interest. Students planning to take part of an internship may sign up for ASCI 339 and use the units to count as towards their degree and/or as Free Electives. Preplanned internships can even be used as senior projects, ASCI 478 (for more information, see Senior Projects). Please note: A maximum of 6 units of credit in supervisory courses (i.e., internship, enterprise, special problems, etc. ) can be counted toward the degree (these units are usually counted in the Advisor-Approved Career Elective Area). Units in excess of 6 units in supervisory courses must be counted as Free Electives. Any deviation from the above will require advisor and department chair approval. 

Internships Guidelines

  • All internships must be approved before doing the internship. No credit will be given for an internship that was not approved prior to doing the internship. 
  • Completed internship applications must be submitted to the Internship Coordinator no later than Monday the 9th week of classes the quarter prior to the quarter of the intended internship.
  • Internships must be completed in same Quarter in which student has registered per University Policy.
  • Internships may be paid or unpaid.
  • Enrollment for ASCI 339 is done through the ASCI Internship Coordinator, Dr. Ike Kang in conjunction with the Animal Science Dept. Office. 
  • Enrollment for ASCI 478 is coordinated by the Faculty advisor of your choosing, the project must be approved by said faculty member and department head. This project is typically presented to the department faculty or other public forum as a condition of completion. 
  • Students on multi-quarter internships may receive an RP (report in progress) grade until the final quarter of the internship when a CR or NC grade is assigned after receipt of the final report. In some cases a written Preliminary Progress Report may be required of the student in order to receive a CR grade. 
  • Students on full-time internships for a complete quarter may sign up for a maximum of 12 units during the quarter they are on internship. Students on a part-time internship may sign up for a maximum of 6 units during the quarter they are on internship.
  • Units will be awarded based on hours worked throughout the internship: 12 units = 360 hours/quarter, 6 units = 180 hours/quarter, 4 units = 120 hours/quarter, 2 units = 60 hours/quarter. 
  • Internships are graded Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC). To receive a grade of CR, the student must submit the internship report and the host’s evaluation form to the Internship Coordinator in the Animal Science Department by the last day of classes, week 10. 

Forms and Applications:

  1. ASCI 339 Application
  2. ASCI 478 Application

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