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Facilities & Centers: Swine Center


About the Swine Center

The swine facility and the swine herd are managed by student resident managers. Gestating sows are kept outside in pasture lots until farrowing. The farrowing barn is equipped with 16 stalls and sows are brought into the barn as a group. Piglets are weaned at three to four weeks of age and moved into the enclosed, temperature-controlled nursery. Sows are rebred using artificial insemination and returned to the pasture lots.

The nursery-grower building with two rooms, each equipped with 14 pens, nipple waterers and stainless steel feeders. Pigs stay in the nursery-grower for eight weeks, and then move to the finisher. 

Currently, a Cargill-style barn for gestating sows is under construction. This barn has sloped concrete flooring and shelters to allow the sows to be outside. The Cal Poly Swine Facility also includes a 12-pen, concrete-floor grower barn, which is used for research studies designed by Cal Poly faculty or students.

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