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About the Swine Center

The Cal Poly Swine Unit strives to support students by providing a uniform herd of swine used for teaching, research, and outreach at our farrow to finish operation.
The student-run herd currently consists of roughly 40 crossbred show pig sows and 60 commercial sows. These sows and their litters consistently provide animals for educational and research-oriented purposes. The pigs we produce are sold primarily to youth as project pigs, with the remaining offspring used as a supply of pork to the expanding market. Our project pigs range from $350-$500 depending on time of year/availability. Our roaster and feeder pig prices are based on the Chicago Board of Trade.
Herd health is a primary concern at the swine unit, and we maintain a biosecure area. Signs are posted throughout the unit, and visits are allowed by appointment only. Please contact the Animal Science Office for more information.

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