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Facilities & Centers: Biotechnology Laboratories

Photograph of students in lab and student looking into microscope

About our Laboratories

The animal science department has four state-of-the-art equipped laboratories for student-faculty research projects, representing the cutting edge of biotechnology and nutrition research. Our biotechnology laboratory facilities were newly remodeled in 2001 and 2005 and equipped with the cutting-edge tools used in modern biotechnology research and development.

The equipment, acquired through a combination of federal grants and donations, supports work in cell biology, histology, embryology and immunology, using the latest molecular techniques. Major items within these laboratories include:

• Two micromanipulators

• Three fluorescence-equipped microscopy systems

• Three BSL-I laminar flow hoods

• Two BSL-II biosafety cabinets

• Applied Biosystems 7500Fast quantitative PCR system

• BioTek Synergy II multi-function plate reader

• Guava Easycyte Mini flow cytometer

• Refrigerated micro and bench top centrifuges

• Type I DI water purification systems

Students taking courses in biotechnology, reproduction, immunology and embryology enjoy the use of these facilities, as do undergraduate and graduate students involved in externally sponsored research projects.

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