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About the Animal Nutrition Center

The Animal Nutrition Center is a state-of-the-art feed production facility designed for teaching and researching at the technologically advanced level of the current feed industry.

Students take part in all stages of animal feed processing from feed formulation, merchandising and manufacturing to packaging, marketing and research.

Students are also responsible for the daily operation of the facility, providing real-world insight into feed production and food safety, as well as how their work affects the rest of the food chain.

The Animal Nutrition Center produces the feed required for the various animal units on campus. Beyond providing for Cal Poly’s own students and animals, the center has resources for contract research and plans to offer industry short courses.

Capabilities for contract research include the ability to dry crack grain, grind grain, mix, pelletize, blend in liquids before and after pelleting, bag feed, as well as load out feed into a bulk truck. The plans for industry short courses will give industry members the opportunity for hands-on training on new equipment and the chance to learn about new practices and techniques in the industry.

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