Animal Science Department

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Faculty and Staff

George Gallagher, Department Head

Office: Bldg 10, Rm 141

Phone: (805) 756-2419


George Gallagher is a native of New Mexico. He completed a BS degree in Animal Science, MS degrees in Genetics and in Experimental Statistics at New Mexico State University, and a PhD in Reproductive Physiology at Washington State University. Thereafter he spent a couple of decades in the Department of Animal Science, at a private college in Northwest Georgia that has very similar values and objectives to Cal Poly. The transition to the Cal Poly culture was quite easy.

While working with all the livestock species, his research has predominantly been utilizing and applying the principles of animal science to mitigate wildlife damage issues. His current research interests include physiology and behavior of wildlife particularly related to damage management issues, genotype by environmental interactions as well as livestock and wildlife interaction.

PUBLICATIONS (Selected Examples)

Gallagher, G.R. and M.K. Boyd. 2023. Aggressive white-tailed deer behavior on a college campus. (In Review – Journal of Ecology and Evolution).

Gallagher, G.R., M. Boyd, Lydia C. Taylor, and James A. Vick. 2020. An evaluation of

aggressive white-tailed deer behavior on a college campus. Proc. 29th Vertebrate Pest Conf. 15:1-4.

Metro, K.N., M.J. Weisser, S.N. Rorrer, S.O. Peters, and G.R. Gallagher. 2019. The prevalence of two common internal parasites in white-tailed deer with and without significant interaction with domestic sheep. Proc. 18th Wildlife Dam. Mgt. Conf. 18:91-96.

Rorrer, S.N., M.J. Weisser, K.M. Metro, and G. R. Gallagher. 2019. Comparison of a 2-layer electric fence and a single strand electric fence in mitigating browsing of impatiens by white-tailed deer. Proc. 18th Wildlife Dam. Mgt. Conf. 18:97-101.

Gallagher, G.R. 2019. Considerations of the art and science of an effective presentation. Proc. 18th Wildlife Dam. Mgt. Conf. 18:3.

Peters, S.O., M. Sinecen, G.R. Gallagher, L.A. Pebworth, J.S. Hatfield, and K. Kizilkaya. 2019. Turkey Comparison of linear model and artificial neural network using antler beam diameter and beam length of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus). PLOS ONE.

Gallagher, G.R. 2018. An evaluation of two low-cost thermal imaging cameras for wildlife damage management objectives. Proc. 28th Vertebrate Pest Conf. 28: 278-283. DOI 10.5070/V42811053

Gallagher, G.R., M.J. Weisser, D. Smith, and D. Creamer. 2017. A field evaluation of the efficacy of Milorganite® as a repellent for non-venomous rat snakes (Elaphe obsolete). Proc. 17th Wildlife Dam. Mgt. Conf. 17:64-69.

Weisser, M.J., D. Creamer, D. Smith, and G.R. Gallagher. 2017. Anatomy of a snake fence intended to prevent escape of non-venomous rat snakes (Elaphe obsolete) from an enclosure. Proc. 17th Wildlife Dam. Mgt. Conf. 17:80-84.

Smith, D., M. Weisser, D. Creamer, R.J. McLarty, and G.R. Gallagher. 2017. A field evaluation of two external attachment locations of radio transmitters on non-venomous rat snakes (Elaphe obsolete). Proc. 17th Wildlife Dam. Mgt. Conf. 17:85-89.

Gallagher, G.R., C. H Holloway, K.L. Williams, R.Y. Ellenburg, B.M. Saylors, L. VenDer

Heiden, and S.O. Peters. 2016. Influence of visual input on behavior of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) to an auditory alert recording. Proc. 27th Vertebr. Pest Conf. 27:384-389.

Gallagher, G.R., R.J. McLarty, S. O. Peters, E.J. Barton, A.J. Lalumondier, N.E. Kramer, and K.M. Paryzek. 2015. Habituation of white-tailed deer (Odocoileus virginianus) in an urban/suburban environment to an unmanned aircraft system (UAS) quadcopter. Proc. 16th Wildlife Dam. Mgt. Conf. 16:45-54.

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