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Elizabeth Reynolds

Elizabeth Reynolds with a goat

Animal Science Lecturer

Supervisor of Sheep Center and Goat Enterprise

Bldg. 10, Room 110A

(805) 756-2492



B.S. in Animal Science at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo

Minor in Rangeland Resources

Professional History and Experience:

Beth brings her unique experience of owning and operating a vegetation management business called “Green Goats” that she has operated in San Luis Obispo since her graduation from Cal Poly in 2005. Focused on promoting the use of sheep and goat herds as effective land management tools, Beth has obtained jobs ranging from firebreaks around housing developments, targeted grazing of noxious weeds for environmental projects, clearing creeks for flood control, in addition to providing vegetation management to a multitude of private, institutional and governmental agencies. Beth is also hired as a Consultant to setup and help manage goat herds owned by local vineyards, ranches, and homeowners.

Through real experience, Beth has acquired skills encompassing all aspects of managing large herds of sheep and goats including: genetics, nutrition, breeding, reproductive health, kidding/lambing, selecting replacements, marketing, and raising guardian dogs. She has also developed skills in land management practices including identification of plant species, understanding dynamics of ecosystems, effects of soil compaction and erosion, and how small ruminants can be applied to produce desired results.


ASCI 223 Systems of Sheep and Goat Management

ASCI 290 Goat Enterprise

ASCI 290 Lambing Enterprise

Other Responsibilities:

Manages the Sheep Unit and Goat Enterprise


Society of Range Management

American Society of Animal Science

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