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Aaron Lazanoff

Photograph of Aaron Lazanoff

Beef Operations Manager

Office: Bldg. 127D

(805) 801-7058

“I look forward to my opportunity to help prepare students for careers in the beef cattle industry.”

Aaron Lazanoff is the beef operations manager in the Animal Science Department. In this position, Lazanoff is responsible for managing and supervising Cal Poly’s beef cattle and the department’s rangeland.Additionally, he maintains production and financial records for Cal Poly’s cowherd, works closely with government agencies such as the Regional Water Quality Control Board and the Natural Resource Conservation District, and supervises a number of students involved in beef enterprise projects.

“Aaron has a unique background and a keen interest in using cattle to manage our rangeland resources. His extensive experience in cattle and rangeland management are critical to our continued success,” said Andrew Thulin, head of the Animal Science Department.

Lazanoff brings considerable experience managing large cattle ranches. Most recently, he managed the historic Santa Margarita Ranch in San Luis Obispo, where he oversaw all aspects of a 700 head cow-calf operation. He is very active in the San Luis Obispo County Cattlemen’s Association, where he has past served as president. Additionally, Lazanoff is the chairman for California Cattlemen’s Range Improvement Committee. In 2007, this former Cal Poly graduate was honored with the Native Tree Stewardship Award in San Luis Obispo County for his efforts in preservation and enhancement of oak woodland habitat.

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