Animal Science Department

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences


Julie M. Huzzey, Ph.D.

Photograph of Dr. Huzzey

Assistant Professor, Behavior and Welfare Specialist

Office: Bldg. 10 Rm. 116

(805) 756-7486



  • Ph.D. Animal Science – Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
  • M.S. Animal Science – University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada
  • B.S. Agroecology – University of British Columbia, Vancouver, BC, Canada


The overall aim of Julie Huzzey’s program is to enhance the welfare of animals in managed systems by teaching classes and conducting research focused in applied animal behavior and welfare. She is particularly interested in cattle feeding and social behavior and the role these behaviors play in biological functioning and performance. By understanding these processes better, Dr. Huzzey aims to identify optimal housing and management practices that can be directly applied on farms to facilitate improved animal health and wellbeing. Dr. Huzzey is a member of the American Association of Dairy Science, the American Society of Animal Science and the International Society of Applied Ethology.


Selected Publications:

Itle, A., J. M. Huzzey, D. M. Weary and M. A. G. von Keyserlingk. 2015. Clinical Ketosis and Standing Behavior in Transition Cows. J. Dairy Sci. 98:128-134.

Huzzey, J. M., B. Y. F. Tiau, D. M. Weary, and M. A. G. von Keyserlingk. 2014. Automatic detection of social competition using an electronic feeding system. J. Dairy Sci. 97:2953-2958.

Fraser D., I. J. H. Duncan, S. A. Edwards, T. Grandin, N. G. Gregory, V. Guyonnet, P. H. Hemsworth, S. M. Huertas, J. M. Huzzey, D. J. Mellor, J. A. Mench, M. Špinka, H. R. Whay. 2013. Review: The welfare of animals in production systems: ‘General Principles’ and the scientific study of animal welfare. Vet. J. 198:19-27.

Huzzey, J. M., J. A. Fregonosi, M. A. G. von Keyserlingk, and D. M. Weary. 2013. Sampling behavior of dairy cattle: effects of variation in dietary energy density on behavior at the feed bunk. J. Dairy Sci. 96:247-256.

Huzzey, J. M., D. V. Nydam, R. J. Grant, and T. R. Overton. 2012. The effects of overstocking Holstein dairy cattle during the dry period on cortisol secretion and energy metabolism. J. Dairy Sci. 95:4421-4433.

Huzzey, J. M., D. V. Nydam, R. J. Grant, and T. R. Overton. 2011. Associations of prepartum cortisol, haptoglobin, fecal cortisol metabolites and nonesterified fatty acids with postpartum health status in Holstein dairy cows. J. Dairy Sci. 94:5878-5889.

Huzzey, J. M., T. F. Duffield, S. J. LeBlanc, D. M. Veria, D. M. Weary, and M. A. G. von Keyserlingk. 2009. Short communication: Haptoglobin as an early indicator of metritis. J. Dairy Sci. 92:621-625.

D. M. Weary, J. M. Huzzey, and M. A. G von Keyserlingk. 2009. Board-Invited Review: Using behavior to predict and identify ill health in animals. J. Anim. Sci. 87:770-777.

Huzzey, J. M., D. M. Veira, D. M. Weary, and M. A. G. von Keyserlingk. 2007. Prepartum behavior and dry matter intake identify dairy cows at risk for metritis. J. Dairy Sci. 90:3220-3233.

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