Animal Science Department

College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

Sales & Services: Cal Poly Horses

Photograph of students riding ranch horses

Breeding Services:

Backdoor Cat (stud fee)


Chute fee


Embryo Transfer Cycle Fee

$500 (cooled)

$700 (frozen)

Embryo Transfer Fee


Pregnancy Fee for Embryo Transfer




Insemination (fresh or cooled)


Insemination Frozen


Foal Out


Daily Board per day

varies from $14-$24

Training/Boarding Services:

Colt Breaking ASCI 345 (per horse)


Intermediate riding ASCI 344 (board for a quarter)


Tack Rental Fee


Monthly student board


Please contact Natalie Baker at (805) 756-5469 with any questions and for information about contracts, email


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