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Photograph of a student bottle feeding a baby elephant

Animal Science Careers

Please visit the Animal Science Office (Bldg 10, Rm 141) or make an appointment with a professor to discuss different career options in animal science. They can be extremely diverse, running the gamut from cattle production to working in human fertility clinics or other medical fields. 

Animal Science Careers Sheet

Career Services can help you explore career options, prepare for your internship/job search, connect with employers, and more! Please visit their website for more information on the services and resources they provide. 


An excellent way for students to gain experience is to participate in an internship in their field of interest. Students planning to take part of an internship may sign up for units to count as towards their degree and/or as Free Electives. Preplanned internships can even be used as senior projects (for more information, see Senior Projects).

Prior to Internship

Student should visit the Animal Science Office (Bldg 10 Rm 141) for all necessary forms. Copies of these forms should be given to the Internship Coordinator, host and kept for student’s personal records.

During Internship:

The host should fill out the student’s evaluation at the end of the internship.

Post Internship:

Final report should be submitted to the Internship Coordinator. Appropriate grade submitted (RP, CR, NC) to the Internship Coordinator. Change of grade form to change from RP to CR or NC if necessary.


Completed internship applications must be submitted to the Internship Coordinator no later than Monday the 9th week of classes the quarter prior to the quarter of the intended internship.

Students on full-time internships for a complete quarter may sign up for a maximum of 12 units during the quarter they are on internship. Students on a part-time internship may sign up for a maximum of 6 units during the quarter they are on internship.

Internships are graded Credit (CR)/No Credit (NC). To receive a grade of CR, the student must submit the internship report and the host’s evaluation form to the Internship Coordinator in the Animal Science Department by the deadline listed in the application agreement.

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